Citizen Astronomers Collaborative

Future Projects

  • With input from professional astronomers, we propose to create a series of online training courses to “certify” Citizen Astronomers in the latest data gathering techniques, who can then provide their time and talents to add to our body of astronomical knowledge, using some of the remote telescope systems at various remote observatories.
  • Facilitate university students to participate in long term surveys and follow-up research regarding new exo-planets and variable stars.
  • Fund amateur citizen astronomers to participate in professional/amateur training and learning projects using telescopes acquired by our organization, and located at various remote observatories. These citizen astronomers would then go on to train and teach middle and high school students who are interested in participating in genuine astronomy research.

Curent Projects

      1. The High Density Survey System

    A new technology instrument to gather up to 60,000 stars per image for exoplanet surveys. This instrument will be utilized by university students to gather up to 40,000 images each summer campaign. Winter campaigns are under advisement.